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Garage gates

Garage doors are made to any size in a wood-like veneer comparable to wood-like veneer windows and doors. Sectional garage doors. Segment steel door, double wall panel filled with CFC free polyurethane foam. Gaskets: upper, lower and lateral. Internal latch and external-internal handle. Exterior color: white or brown, internal white. Torsion springs allow for the execution of 10,000 cycles. Standard driving, lintels min. 35 cm. Wood-like veneer with UV coating. Colors: golden oak, light oak, swamp oak, mahogany.

Warmth and peace in your garage

Sectional doors are distinguished by low heat transfer coefficient and attenuation of sounds coming from outside. Thanks to the vertical guiding of the door curtain, they enable trouble-free and convenient parking even on short climbs.

Security and insulation

Gantry panels with a thickness of 40 mm have been filled with polyurethane foam, which ensures a high level of thermal insulation. Thanks to the well-thought-out design, our gates are not only warm, but also completely safe to use.

Garage gates
Parametry techniczne
  • Insulated panels ensure a high level of thermal insulation thanks to filling with PUR 40mm thick foam.
  • The double torsion spring with protection guarantees a stable and safe operation of the door.
  • The double horizontal guides ensure exceptional stability of the door structure.
  • The design of the side hinges allows for precise adjustment of the door casing over the entire height.
  • An additional central hinge for large door dimensions adds to the stiffness of the structure.
  • The bottom seal ensures effective sealing of the door contact line with the ground.
  • The handle used in the case of manual operation of the gate.
  • Vertical guides with angle bracket is a reinforced structure that ensures stability of the door.
  • Our gates are equipped with Somfy automation. Somfy drives of the Dexxo series are the ideal solution for sectional and upward doors with an area up to 15m2.

Colors and appearance of gates Choose the gate you want

Choose the gate you want

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