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The solid construction of PVC doors determines the high degree of security of apartments and houses that it protects. The use of aluminum profiles means that the structure is on the one hand resistant to harmful external factors, on the other hand it is characterized by lightness, thanks to which the whole can be mounted without any difficulty in the frame. We offer models with a body depth of 70 to 86 mm.

Our range includes PVC doors that protect against adverse weather conditions like cold, wind or rainfall. Thanks to the use of high quality gaskets and thermal thresholds, as well as the characteristic – a few-chamber construction – the products we offer are characterized by very good thermal insulation. In this way, the risk of “heat escape” from the interior is reduced.

We offer PVC doors that also meet high aesthetic values. They are made with great care for the appearance, which is visible in particular in the careful elaboration of details, such as weldable corner connectors, internal gasket housing, low threshold. In addition, the products are available in a variety of colors and styles. Both the aesthetic and functional values ​​make our constructions well suited for going out to the balconies, to the winter garden, and also to the terraces.