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We have experience supported by technologically advanced machine park. This is what makes us one of the leading producers in the industry on the Polish market. Our offer includes solutions for creating winter gardens and elegant facades. In addition, we offer garage doors and a large selection of doors. However, above all, our company is known as a window manufacturer.

Experts in his field

We have two production plants. The first window factory is located in Dobre Miasto near Olsztyn, the second in Kanie near Pruszków. Both are equipped with modern production technologies, thanks to which we produce the optimal number of products daily. We have always put quality first and still, therefore we never set ourselves up for mass production in hundreds of thousands of copies. We care about full control of every detail in our products, that’s why several hundred pieces of windows per day, leaving the production line, is a very satisfactory result for us.

Noble wood - from respect to tradition

We devoted many years of our work to improving traditional solutions. We do not act only as a wooden window factory, but we wanted to ensure the highest quality of this type of products. That is why we have developed three lines using wood in the construction of profiles: Soft Line, Passive Line, Wood / Alu. Each one has slightly different technical parameters and looks. Wooden models from the Soft Line series are available in as many as 17 colors and are equipped with strips covering the lower elements of the wings against weather conditions. Passive Line products are distinguished by a triple seal system and the use of inter-pane frames, which significantly improves the level of thermal insulation. In the Wood / Alu products, a combination of materials was used, which creates a product that is not only aesthetic, but also very durable.

Strong PVC and aluminum ... because we appreciate smart solutions

In our factory, we produce products that are characterized in particular by solid workmanship and durability. For their manufacture we use plastics or metals. The profiles created on their basis are powers and tolerate the harmful effects of external factors. We do not act solely as a PVC and aluminum window factory, but they are certainly one of our leading products. At the same time, we have the most experience in the production of PVC windows.