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Shutter blinds are a kind of blinds intended for both new buildings and those renovated, in which the replacement of windows is planned.

Overlaid roller blinds are based on a roller shutter box made of PVC, applied to the window frame and as a set, mounted in the window recess. Service access to the inside of the box is ensured by a mobile inspection flap, always located from the inside of the room. After mounting in the window niche, the front (outer) wall of the roller shutter box is usually insulated with an insulating layer and plastered in accordance with a facade finish standard. The wall of the box visible from the inside of the room is insulated with a thermal insert located in the middle of the entire width of the box. The blind shutter armor is always visible from the outside, with a convex part, with characteristic grooves extending over the entire width.

All varieties of overlaid blinds remaining in the aluplast offer have a standard PVC profile and, in the case of wide blinds, a steel profile ensuring a strong connection of the blind to each frame of aluplast window systems as well as other window systems manufacturers. Blinds applied in the aluplast offer are available in the following variants: RNK / E overlay roller blinds, RNK / XT overlay roller blinds, RNK / B overlay roller blinds, RNS overlay roller blinds, RNK / F roller blinds.